Selected projects, papers, etc

Classifying social actions with a single accelerometer (2013)
In Proceedings of the 2013 ACM international joint conference on Pervasive and ubiquitous computing, pp. 207-210. ACM, 2013.

Recognizing Non-verbal Social Behavior with Accelerometers (2012)
MSc Thesis, supervised by dr. Hayley Hung and dr Gwenn Englebienne

Age Estimation in Video Sequences (2011) (presentation, paper)
Presentation on a one-month profile project. With Chaim Bastiaan, supervised by drs. ir. Hamdi Dibeklioğlu.

Learning team strategy in a complex POMDP (2011)
Report on our winning submission in a multi-agent systems competition. With Morris Franken and Fedde Burgers, supervised by dr. Shimon Whiteson and drs. ir. Hamdi Dibeklioğlu.

Brain and Cognition Lab workshop at CCCT Summer School: Reading Mediated Minds (2011)
A hands-on workshop where I showed an international group of humanities PhD students how EEG and other quantitative methods can contribute to their research on emotion and empathy in literature, film.

Demonstration "EEG-based Semantic Image Tagging", ACM Multimedia Conference Program Chair Meeting Amsterdam (2010)

Feasibility study for an EEG-based semantic tagging game (2010)
My BSc thesis, supervised by dr. Sennay Ghebreab.

An Ecological Simulation of Agents with Selforganizing Vowel Systems (2008)
Paper for a course on Evolution of Speech. With Kaspar de Geus, supervised by dr. Bart de Boer

Do it yourself: Your own chatbot (in Dutch, 2006)
Article for AI student magazine De Connectie, a tutorial on writing a simple ELIZA-like chatbot in Prolog.

RobotJenga (in Dutch, 2005)
A whimsical, hot pink colored project log about making a robot arm play a game of Jenga.
With Kristine Bende, supervised by dr. Arnoud Visser.