Other Projects

  • Pail & Shovel, literally a sandbox game, made for gamedev contest Ludum Dare (2014)
  • robotfindskitten is not a game, it is a Zen simulation. This nerd classic was re-implemented by me in Java. (2007)
  • A trade network visualization tool for EU4 (Githubforum thread; 2013)
  • Savegame Viewer And Randomizer for Europa Universalis III. Randomly relocates nations across the globe. Making it was a fun exercise in 2D graphics and file parsing. (2011)
  • Soglog, a procrastination monitor (2012)
  • Kindral, a Stratego clone made for a university Game Programming course (2013)
Games & Modding
  • Several scenarios (Microworld, Protect China) and map scripts for Civilization IV.
  • The Last Greek Empire is an  'After Action Report' (a gameplay story with screenshots) in 24 chapters of a campaign in the historical strategy game Europa Universalis 3 with the tiny nation of Trebizond. (2008-2010)
  • An 'Always War' mod for EU3 (2010)
  • Spacerocks. Size comparison and mouseover info on the moons, terrestrial planets and dwarf planets in our Solar System. (2008, updated 2012)
  • Star Trek timeline. To get a feeling for how the movies and different series in the Star Trek universe relate to each other, I created this timeline. It also tries to incorporate information regarding who time travels from when to when, but it gets a little confusing (2009)
  • An unfinished attempt at 3D modelling the marvelous entrance of the Tuschinski cinema in Amsterdam (2009)
  • My drawings, photo manipulations and a few short stories and poems can be found on my DeviantArt page, and photos are on Flickr.