About me

I am a chief technical officer at Neuro+, with a background in Artificial Intelligence. During my studies at the University of Amsterdam I was a lab assistant at the Amsterdam University College's Brian and Technology Lab.

As an AI graduate, I am interested in many topics at the intersection of language, cognition and technology. My interests include modeling and understanding complex human and computer behaviors and higher cognitive and linguistic processes, such as pragmatics, cognitive user modeling and the function and construction of personal and social identity. I am also fascinated by the interactions between conscious and non-conscious perception processes and between individual and societal goals, motivations and beliefs.

How do we explain our own actions and thoughts, and how does that relate to the actual decisionmaking? How can a group of agents that misunderstand each other most of the time achieve or even communicate common goals, or select the right people for the right job? How do we identify a word joke, sarcasm or an unknown idiom? How do we form an opinion or review a book? How do we analyze and subdivide a new problem, and pick a method to solve it? How do we construct the image of who we are and why do we choose that identity? Can an artificial agent do all that, and how much of it is necessary for general intelligence? These are questions that fascinate me, and they give a sketchy outline of the field in which I hope to make a career in the future.

This site is not only intended for my professional projects, but also for some hobby projects/stuff and the occasional blog.

Jeroen Kools